How to Protect Glasses When Moving

By Industrytop5 Admin | 2022-04-25

Packing delicate products is not any more difficult than packing other items. To ensure that your things arrive in one piece, you must obtain the proper packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, cardboard box, cardboard dividers, crumpled paper, moving boxes and fill them correctly. If you do not pack carefully or utilise appropriate packaging materials, you risk shattering valuable glassware like wine glasses or harming yourself.

It just takes a few minutes to master how to pack glasses correctly, and it will help ensure that your delicate glassware and ceramic mugs arrive in pristine condition.

Best Packing Materials for Transferring Glasses

Making a minor investment in crumpled packing paper, and other packing material to keep glass separate is worth it. Remember that not all packing material is created equal to pack glassware, and you may require more than one layer of packing paper inside to protect your glasses and other fragile items adequately.

Packing Paper

Packing paper is helpful since it is versatile and may be wrapped around any size or form. You can also wrap it over strange forms like handles to protect all sides of the glassware.

Packing paper is not as durable as bubble wrap for packing glasses, so you will likely require several layers to have your wine glasses and other fragile items completely covered.

Towels or Linens

You should use old towels, blankets, or other linen things to pack your glasses inside a cardboard box or moving boxes. These function similarly to packing paper; however, they may be more challenging to work with because they are not as formless. You should also avoid adding too much heft, making closing the box or cardboard dividers difficult.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap offers more protection than paper since the bubbles cushion and protects the glass from impact. If you have particularly delicate or expensive glassware, bubble wrap is an excellent option. You can purchase bubble wrap at most office supply or packing stores.

Styrofoam Peanuts to Pack Glasses

If you have ever received a package with styrofoam peanuts, they are excellent for filling space and keeping things from moving around too much. They can also help protect your glasses from impact by filling the box and keeping things from shifting. You can find styrofoam peanuts at most office supply or packing stores.

Containers Made of Plastic

Using a plastic storage container is a dependable solution, but only if the material is strong and of high quality. Although they are more expensive than alternative options, they are reliable vessels for carrying glass.

Boxes Made of Cardboard

As long as they are appropriately packed, cardboard moving boxes are excellent for packaging glasses. They are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and easier to dispose of once you have completed your move. You may even get boxes with built-in separators to protect each glass separately.

Filler for boxes

Even after wrapping your glasses, filling the space in the packing box surrounding them is critical. Items can move and shift around in extra space, and if they are jostled while being transferred, they may collide with another item and break. Try utilising Styrofoam packing peanuts or shredded paper wrapping to fill up room in your box.

Packing Tape

After carefully storing your glasses in their compartment, you’ll need a strong packing tape like Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape to close the box. The mirrors will not fall out and break if the package is sealed correctly.


Finally, identify your boxes with a permanent pen before you begin your relocation. In this manner, you’ll avoid unintentionally cramming the container carrying the glasses under something heavy.

What is the Best Way to Pack Your Glasses for a Move?

You most certainly have a variety of glasses, cups, and mugs in your cabinets. Sort them into groups of comparable sizes to make packing easier. It’s a massive plus if you have glasses or mugs that nest inside each other because they’re easier to pack.

If you have plastic glasses and glass or ceramic glassware, you may have an edge in packing. Some of your finer, more delicate glassware may be the perfect size for slipping into more oversized, plastic glasses or tumblers. This adds an extra layer of stress absorption throughout the motion.

Choose Glasses With Similar Shapes and Sizes

You most likely have a wide range of glasses, cups, and mugs in your cupboards. To make packing easier, divide them into groups of comparable sizes. It’s a significant plus if you have nesting glasses or mugs because they’re easier to pack.

You may have an advantage in packing if you have plastic glasses and glass or ceramic glassware. Some of your finer, more delicate glassware may be just the right size to slip into larger plastic glasses or tumblers. This adds a layer of stress absorption to the motion.

Glasses Should Be Nested and Wrapped

If you’re nesting your glasses, the second one is inside the first. Then, repeat the third procedure with the two glasses on the stack of packing paper. Replace the glass.

Based on the scale and weight of the glasses, you can nest three or four of them.

Wrap two more sheets of packing paper around the stack and tuck in the ends while gripping the corner closest to you. You should have a good pair of glasses.

Wrap them in bubble wrap and secure the ends with tape.

Fill and Affix the Seals to the Boxes

Put the glasses in the box after they’ve been wrapped. If you’re using a divider-lined box, the glasses should fit easily into the narrow spaces. Include some packing material to help maintain a snug fit and prevent too much jarring when moving the box around.

If no dividers are available, arrange the wrapped glasses neatly in rows. To help prevent breakage, use more packing paper or bubble wrap between each neatly wrapped product.

Once the box is full, add more packing paper or bubble wrap on top. Seal the box with plenty of tapes and label it “Fragile: glassware” to ensure it goes to the kitchen or dining room.

Hire Expert Movers

The best way to protect your glasses during a move is to hire professional movers. They are experienced in packing and handling fragile items and will take the utmost care of your belongings.