About Us

About Us

Industry Top 5 is a new online business directory established in 2019. Unlike other Australian directories,
we don’t just aim to provide you with an endless list of every business which exists in Australia.

Industry Top 5 takes a different approach, where we present to you the top 5 businesses in each industry
category for every suburb.

Save time from endlessly scrolling through hundreds of businesses, and quickly make a shortlist of the 5 best companies.

Our purpose is to help people discover the 5 best businesses in every suburb in Australia which falls into the mention categories.

For businesses, listing your business in an online directory has a proven SEO benefit to help organically
increase your search results ranking.

We provide authentic reviews and create a carefully curated list of the best businesses in each suburb of
Australia. We believe in quality over quantity, and strive to deliver the best businesses.

Our Top 5 listings for each industry type in each suburb is based directly on the verified and genuine ratings received from our users, allowing us to provide an honest list of the Top 5 for each industry.

We aim to be a platform for customers to leave reviews about their experiences when interacting with
businesses, as well for businesses Australian-wide to gain more exposure and win new customers.

Our platform provides comprehensive information about the businesses in your suburb, as well as helpful
information such as an address, contact details, website, hours, and more.

Industry Top 5 is quickly becoming the fastest growing business directory in Australia.