Commercial Builders St Albans

Commercial Builders St Albans

We curate lists of the Commercial Building Services in St Albans VIC

For us at Metronest Homes all our customers are equal, regardless of contract value and product. We promise to listen to every customer’s needs with interest and respect.

Sunshine North, St Albans VIC
(4.8 from 28 Reviews)

Our role is to achieve a design vision. We take the time to intimately understand a new project – from the overall concept, to the granularity of each discrete yet purposeful decision.

Sunshine North, St Albans VIC
(4.8 from 17 Reviews)

RODA was established in 2006 on the basis of deep building knowledge and a vision of personalised client service, integrity, and high-quality workmanship.

Central Coast, St Albans VIC
(16 from 26 Reviews)

An operated family owned business for over 18 years, Romeo Homes has cemented its place as one of the highest quality builders in Melbourne.

Central Coast, St Albans
(4.7 from 15 Reviews)

We’ve been providing quality renovations, Home Extensions Melbourne and custom home projects across Melbourne for almost 30 years.

Central Coast, St Albans
(4.6 from 15 Reviews)


Melbourne-based Frank has a passion for constructing high-performing buildings. Established in 1991, the company possesses the knowledge, skills, craftsmanship and exacting standards essential to translating the architect and client’s vision into its material form.

Central Coast, St Albans VIC
(4.5 from 15 Reviews)

Affordable, energy-efficient homes that drastically lower your energy bills, promote better health and wellbeing for your family with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and enhanced natural comfort in your home throughout all seasons.

Keilor Downs, St Albans VIC
(4.3 from 23 Reviews)

Patel Building Group has been involved with the development and building industry since 2010. In the last several years, we have built a reputation of attention to detail and quality, winning multiple awards for our designs, standards of building and Occupational Health & Safety.

Keilor Downs, St Albans VIC
(4.2 from 12 Reviews)

Visual Builders are a great team of skilled, intellectual and experienced professionals who have been a leading force in the construction industry since 2007.

Keilor Downs, St Albans VIC
(4.2 from 15 Reviews)

We understand the needs and wants of a modern family, a family that often nowadays expands and grows continually depending on different stages of life.

Deer Park, St Albans VIC
(4.1 from 14 Reviews)

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Commercial Builders in St Albans

Granny Flat Builder

Granny flats have been increasing in popularity nowadays. Gone are the days when granny flats resemble simple sheds built in the backyard.

These quaint structures have recently turned into self-contained dwellings that can offer almost the same amenities as a full-sized house and can thereby offer tremendous value to their owners.

From rental properties, B&B units to serving as guest houses, housing for elderly family members or adult children, granny flats can do them all. Despite their size, granny flats present design challenges that only the most qualified builders can surmount. Please find the most qualified granny flat builders on our site to build you the perfect granny flat.

House Extension Builders

Are you looking for help in creating the space you need to satisfy the demands of your growing family?

House extensions are a viable alternative to moving out to look for a new property. Not only is it cheaper, but a home extension will spare you from the many inconveniences that come with moving into a new dwelling. These professional builders call on their experience and skill to overcome challenges presented by the peculiarities of each house they work on. The quality of workmanship they achieve is such that they can turn your house into a brand new home at a fraction of the cost!

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