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RODA was established in 2006 on the basis of deep building knowledge and a vision of personalised client service, integrity, and high-quality workmanship.

St Kilda West
(16 from 26 Reviews)

Our role is to achieve a design vision. We take the time to intimately understand a new project – from the overall concept, to the granularity of each discrete yet purposeful decision.

South Melbourne
(4.8 from 17 Reviews)

For us at Metronest Homes all our customers are equal, regardless of contract value and product. We promise to listen to every customer’s needs with interest and respect.

Port melbourne
(4.8 from 28 Reviews)

Melbourne-based Frank has a passion for constructing high-performing buildings. Established in 1991, the company possesses the knowledge, skills, craftsmanship and exacting standards essential to translating the architect and client’s vision into its material form.

St Kilda VIC
(4.5 from 15 Reviews)

We’ve been providing quality renovations, Home Extensions Melbourne and custom home projects across Melbourne for almost 30 years building experience.

St Kilda VIC
(4.5 from 15 Reviews)

An operated family owned business for over 18 years, Romeo Homes has cemented its place as one of the highest quality builders in Melbourne.

St Kilda VIC
(4.7 from 15 Reviews)

Visual Builders are a great team of skilled, intellectual and experienced professionals who have been a leading force in the construction industry since 2007.

St Kilda VIC
(4.2 from 15 Reviews)

Patel Building Group has been involved with the development and building industry since 2010. In the last several years, we have built a reputation of attention to detail and quality, winning multiple awards for our designs, standards of building and Occupational Health & Safety.

St Kilda VIC
(4.2 from 12 Reviews)

Affordable, energy-efficient homes that drastically lower your energy bills, promote better health and wellbeing for your family with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and enhanced natural comfort in your home throughout all seasons.

St Kilda VIC
(4.3 from 23 Reviews)

We understand the needs and wants of a modern family, a family that often nowadays expands and grows continually depending on different stages of life.

St Kilda VIC
(4.1 from 14 Reviews)

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We made a curated list of the leading St Kilda builders and the surrounding areas have available. The feedback from real customers on how these builders served them is a significant consideration for making this list. Because, we believe that our customers are entitled to honest customer testimonials and ratings to help them choose the commercial builder they can trust.

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A commercial construction project is a complicated undertaking. Our customers should not take any chances when choosing from among many builders with scant information. Don’t worry; our site can provide you with a narrowed list of only the best possible builders near your area

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With a bewildering variety of builders in your area who cater to a vast array of tasks, it is a challenging task to pick one which can satisfy all your requirements entirely. Don’t worry. Industry Top 5 provides a business directory covering Australia, and we can bring the most qualified businesses that can support you.

You don’t need to go far to look for the most qualified builders in St Kilda, and surrounding areas have available. With Industry Top 5, we narrowed the list for you to ensure you are brought closer to the best choices of builders who have a comprehensive track record of customer satisfaction, quality, and cost management. These construction companies can call upon their experience, their support network, and their technical expertise to deliver the job the way you want it, when you want it, and how you want it down to the slightest detail.

Why Hire a Commercial Builder?

Commercial construction projects are complicated undertakings that require substantial investments in resources, time, effort, and many other things. These construction management companies can call upon specialized professionals who can deal with general and specific tasks when they are needed, delivering the same expected results safely, thereby being time- and resource-efficient. These builders have experience in dealing with previous clients, and they know how to meet deadlines and cost targets regardless of the challenges thrown at them during the project’s duration. With a qualified, licensed and registered builder working for you, you can sit back, relax, and think about other essential things for your business while you let them deliver the job that meets your exact requirements.

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There is more to selecting your ideal builder than basing it purely on cost. Choosing the builder that you can rely on should be based on their experience of accumulating satisfied clients and the quality of their previous work. Industry Top 5 did the hard work for you by providing you with a narrowed list of the choice commercial builders near your area. Our easy-to-navigate site can help bring you closer to them with just a few simple steps and will enable you to get all the relevant information you need to arrive at an informed decision.

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Are you looking for a qualified builder who can cater to a wide variety of tasks and satisfy your exact specifications near your area? Don’t worry.

From doing simple additions, major renovations, or wide-scale construction work, Industry top 5 can bring you closer to the leading general builders you need that can satisfy your requirements, regardless of their size and complexity.

Best Commercial Builders in St Kilda

Building a New Home?

Are you looking for a qualified home builder that can help you realize your dream of building a home? Do you think the process is too daunting for you? Don’t worry. Industry Top 5 endeavored to provide you with a narrowed list of the leading home builders near your area to help you build your dream home. Building a home is one of the most substantial investments you will make in your lifetime. We believe that the best decision you can make in building your dream home is selecting be an ideal home builder that you can trust. It would help if you didn’t take any chances. Let us help you find a reliable builder that can realize your dreams while doing it within your budget.

Granny Flat Builder

Granny flats are enjoying increasing popularity lately because of the tremendous value they can provide for their owners.

Granny flats are self-contained structures that contain all of the features of a full-sized house. From providing additional revenue y being rental properties and B&B units to delivering housing for elderly family members and adult children, granny flats can do all of these and more. These quaint structures present design challenges that only qualified granny flat builders can overcome despite their size. Find the most qualified builders that can create the perfect granny flat for you only on our site.

House Extension Builder

Are you looking to create more space to cater to the demands of your growing family? House extensions are a practical alternative to moving out and buying a brand new home. Moreover, our site can bring you closer to the most qualified house extension builders in your area. These professional builders can use their experience and skills to overcome the challenges presented by the peculiarities of every home they work on. These experienced builders can work within the budget to turn your house brand new once they finish their job.

Frequently Asked Questions

The builder must present evidence for the claim for an increase if the owner requested it. This is for claiming payment for that item.

You should select a reliable builder and one you can trust to spare yourself the stress of thinking about if you made the right choice. You must form a professional and trusting relationship so the project can be executed to your expectations.

It would help if you did not always choose a builder based on the lowest quotation, and the builder might compromise material considerations. Our site is here to help ensure that you get only the ideal commercial builders you can trust.

Commercial payments are made in percentage progress claims month by month. However, in some cases, we can replicate building progress claims.

About St Kilda, Vic

St Kilda is an inner-city suburb located 6 kilometres southeast of Melbourne CBD. It lies on the shore and is famous for being the playground of Melbourne’s elite up until the mid-century similar to how Coney Island was for New York City. It contains numerous heritage buildings of Edwardian and Victorian designs dotting the entire suburb. Luna Park, Australia’s oldest privately-owned theme park, is located near the middle stretch of St Kilda’s shoreline. St Kilda has a population of around 20,000, with just over half of the population being born in Australia. St Kilda has one of the most densely populated suburbs in the Melbourne metropolitan area, punctuated by strata-titled units, apartments, and flats. St Kilda was once the base of Melbourne’s Jewish community. It’s rich cultural heritage can be seen from numerous shops representing Italy, China, India, France, and Vietnam.