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We curated a list of best granny flat builder business in Gold Coast Area.

Work with a new home builder Australians has trusted for generations. Hotondo Homes is proud to offer people across the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Byron Bay areas the chance to work with an experienced team of builders in Jesse, Brendan and Sam.

Gold Coast, QLD
(4.9 from 26 Reviews)

We are a nation comprehensive supplier of Australian made Kit Homes and Sheds. We specialize in designing and creating visions for customers across Australia. Our Kit Homes and Sheds are precisely designed and manufactured to suit owner-builders.

Gold Coast, QLD
(4.8 from 27 Reviews)

We design tiny luxury homes that are personalised and add real value to your property & lifestyle. Modern tiny homes with open plans, high ceilings, expansive decks, loads of storage, and architectural style.

Gold Coast, QLD
(4.7 from 28 Reviews)

Kingdom Homes is a family run business. Greg and Kim Kite have raised their family on the Gold Coast and have been enthusiastic members of the city’s business community and sporting clubs for over 20 years.

Gold Coast, QLD
(4.9 from 26 Reviews)

Our Granny Flats are not flat packed. They are not made in a factory and shipped to your location. They are individually built on-site using materials purchased from local businesses and installed by our very own tradespeople who live and work in the area. As a family business, this is important to us.

Gold Coast, QLD
(5 from 25 Reviews)

We know that the word “factory” might not give you warm and fuzzy feelings, but when it means a place where local, skilled craftsmen work together to make a building that’s designed just for you, it starts getting warmer.

Gold Coast, QLD
(4.9 from 26 Reviews)

Granny Flats 4U provided high-quality accommodation with exceptional Australian designed technology. The product we have available are the absolute best on the market.

Gold Coast, QLD
(4.8 from 27 Reviews)

With over 50 years of experience in the Building Industry, our team at Australian Floor Plans have the best of the best designs for you. We also have a range of Building Companions to help you with building for the homeowner and the builders to help with all aspects of building Real Estate and Home Decor.

Gold Coast, QLD
(4.7 from 28 Reviews)

With over 20 years as a Gold Coast home builder, we are the team you can trust for a new home. Whether you have a narrow block, want to build a pole home, sloping block home, acreage home, townhouse or need some advice, our innovative and friendly experts can help you.

Gold Coast, QLD
(4.6 from 29 Reviews)

Stroud Homes Gold Coast offers a range of award-winning, affordable home designs, along with a long list of standard quality inclusions. Justin Vella and Joe Mudri have a vision for Stroud Homes to be the go-to building company for new homes on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast, QLD
(5 from 25 Reviews)

Smith & Sons are your local design and build renovation specialists on the Gold Coast. Our team will guide you through the renovation process, including the initial designs plans and obtaining the required approvals/certification to construct and complete your home renovation or extension.

Gold Coast, QLD
(4.9 from 26 Reviews)

Refresh Renovations operates several branches across the greater Gold Coast region. With our proven renovation process and real-time reporting, all teams work towards the same high standards of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Gold Coast, QLD
(4.8 from 27 Reviews)

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Local Service

As Gold Coast homeowners looking for help building granny flats on their property, the most qualified builders are available locally. Industry Top 5 can help you find them easily. These local builders on the Gold Coast specialising in granny flats can provide top-quality granny flats that can get council approval. Best of all, because of their proximity, they will be working closely with you throughout the building process.

Find the Best Gold Coast Granny Flat Builders

Granny flats have been gaining popularity in recent years. This tiny house started as a secondary dwelling for elderly family members. Later on, these serve as secondary dwellings to house adult children small families or serve as places to stay for overnight guests.

Nowadays, granny flats have evolved into multi-functional self-contained dwellings having the same amenities just like a full-sized house. They can now offer broader functions and serve better than dual occupancy residences or apartments, making them more attractive properties for rent. A good granny flat design contains two bedrooms, a bathroom, a fully-functional kitchen, and living areas.

Because of these reasons, granny flats are now attractive investment properties. They can provide extra income as a property for rent or B&B units. Best of all, they can increase the resale value of your property.

Only builders on the Gold Coast specialising in granny flats can provide solutions to achieve local council approval. A typical granny flat has a floor area between 40 square metres and 60 square metres. Some rural areas and council areas permit granny flat floor areas of up to 100 square metres. Do you need high ceilings? Check. Do you need a floor plan? Check. You can rely on the Gold Coast granny flat builders you find on our site to do all of these and more.

General Building Work for Granny Flats

Find the most qualified builders on the Gold Coast to help you with any general building work.

These licensed builders on the Gold Coast will be with you each step of the building process to provide top quality work at affordable prices for:

  • Construction of granny flats
  • Alteration and modification of old granny flats
  • Kit homes
  • Renovation, repairs, and augmentation for a granny flat
  • Protective treatment
General Building Work for Granny Flats PIC

Why Can Building Granny Flats Provide Tremendous Value for Property Owners?

You may look into opportunities to maximize your property value if your block of land is big enough. You may consider having a granny flat on your property.

A granny flat started as a tiny house to serve as secondary dwellings for elderly family members, hence its name. Aside from addressing a societal need to house the elderly, this tiny house can supplement the functions of the existing home as secondary dwellings for adult children or as recreational spaces.

Granny flats nowadays have evolved and can provide tremendous value to property owners in many ways aside from supplementing the existing home:

  • It provides extra income as a property for rent
  • It Boosts the Resale Value of Your Property
  • It’s a flexible structure
  • It allows for future downsizing
  • It can serve as a B&B unit
Why Can Building Granny Flats Provide Tremendous Value for Property owners? PIC

Granny Flat Trends

Advances in technology and improvements in granny flat design enabled builders to provide high-tech solutions to house the elderly. Closed-circuit television, combined with the latest alarming and scheduling apps, offers more privacy to the elderly but can be monitored in other ways by their families or healthcare workers.

Granny Flat Trends PIC

Rising Recreational Use

More people are acquiring granny flats for recreational use than other purposes throughout Australia. They can serve as recreational spaces than in the primary residence because of their privacy. Better yet, if you have a property in rural areas, a granny flat is a better option than building a full-sized house.

As Demand Grows, so does the Local Council Requirements

That is why Industry Top 5 can help you select the most qualified builders on the Gold Coast specialising in granny flats. These granny flat builders can assure local council approval of their granny flat design.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The maximum permissible size for a granny flat is 60 sqm. However, larger granny flats are possible in some rural areas and some council areas. Ask your site assessor if this is possible where you intend to have a larger-sized granny flat.

Yes. All the granny flat builders you find on our list are licensed, professional builders. All of them have current and suitable licenses, insurance, and the appropriate safety training.

Yes. All the builders you find on our list are obliged to have Construction Risk Insurance policies as licensed builders. However, once turned over to the property owner, it is the property owner’s responsibility to take out the insurance for the granny flat.

It usually takes 12 to 16 weeks to build a granny flat. However, please allow 8 to 12 more weeks for design and approval on top of the 12 to 16 weeks it takes to construct your granny flat.

It is possible. Progressive drawdown helps you manage your cash flow requirements, especially for more significant commercial building projects. Progressive drawdown allows you to draw on your construction loan as needed, keeping interest payments lower than if you took the entire loan amount at once.

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