Granny Flat Builders Blacktown

Granny Flat Builders Blacktown

Granny Flat Builders Blacktown

Professional Granny Flat Builders in Blacktown

Here are some of the Elite Granny Flat Builders in Blacktown and surrounding Suburbs

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Local Service

You can get the best help for any construction work if you choose the best local builders. These local builders know the local market, your exact specifications, access to essential materials, and, best of all, they know your needs. If you need a fantastic granny flat, you can find located close to your area the best granny flat builders in Blacktown, on our site.

Finding the Top Builders of Granny Flats in Blacktown

Granny flats are growing in popularity throughout the country. Granny flats started as detached dwellings for the elderly who seek privacy; hence, they got their name. Other family members can also utilize Granny flats, such as adult children who choose to stay within the property but seek more privacy.

Granny flats started as resembling sheds. But Granny flats have evolved in recent times. Granny flats now have most, if not all, the amenities that full-sized dwellings have.

Granny flats provide tremendous value for an investment property. Granny flats can provide rental income as a B2B unit or rent property. These can also serve as home offices or places for recreation. Should older homeowners’ children move out, practical homeowners may opt to move into the granny flats and make the principal residence the rental property.

Granny flats have specific design problems and regulations to be followed that only the most qualified granny flat Blacktown builders can take on. The typical size of a granny flat is between 40 square metres to 60 square metres. Some council areas may permit sizes of up to 100 square metres. The designs also have a wide range of complexity and can contain three bedrooms, a fully-functioning kitchen, and a living room in a single structure. Two-storey granny flats are also possible, though rules need to be followed when making one. These granny flats Blacktown build the perfect granny flats that can fit all your needs and expectations.

General Building Work for Granny Flats

Find Blacktown’s most qualified and experienced builders to help you with any general building work.

These licensed professional builders can deliver the best quality workmanship at competitive prices for:

  • Construction of a granny flat
  • Alteration and modification of an old granny flat
  • Alteration and modification of any apartment unit
  • Renovations, repairs, and augmentation for granny flats
  • Protective treatment
General Building Work for Granny Flats PIC

Why Build Granny Flats

If your block of land is of big enough size, then you may need to consider building a new home with more value to the space you have. You may look into opportunities to turn a profit from your property. That is why granny flats are a property type that is becoming more popular over the years.

Granny flats started out as dwellings for elderly family members. These self-contained structures have all the amenities to make life easier more comfortable and provide privacy for the elderly. Young adult children or young adults and their families can also use these as their primary dwelling.

Despite their size, Granny flats provide tremendous value to property owners. Not only can granny flats help address a societal need to house the elderly, but they can bring more revenue to the property owners or add value to the property itself. These can also be affordable rent in Blacktown area housing, especially for young adults and small families. Here are ways granny flats bring value to property owners:

  • It provides rental income
  • It Boosts Your Property’s Resale Value
  • It’s a flexible structure
  • It Allows for future downsizing
  •  It can serve as a guest room
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The Granny Pods

Granny flats are evolving much further from their intended use. Technological advances such as closed-circuit television, apps for scheduling medication, and alarming systems can allow property owners to monitor their elderly family members more closely despite allowing them more privacy.

Granny Flats Trends PIC

Rising Recreational Use

The trend for recreational use for granny flats is rising. By 2016, 32% of respondents said their granny flats were for recreational use. This figure exceeded the number of granny flats as dwellings for elderly family members, which stood at 20% at the same period.

As the Demand Grows, so do the Requirements for Compliance.

Regulations exist for granny flats. A granny flat needs to be under 60 square metres to comply with the minimum land size required. For instance, if you have a 450 square metre block of land, that would be OK as long as consideration needs also to be given to the size of the main house to comply. Experienced granny flat Blacktown builders can help you make ideal and good quality granny flats within your budget while keeping with the existing regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

It usually takes 12 to 16 weeks to build a granny flat. However, please allow 8 to 12 more weeks for design and approval on top of the 12 to 16 weeks it takes to construct your granny flat.

No. The Affordable Rental Housing SEPP stipulates that you can only have 1 granny flat on your property.

Yes. However, it would help if you had larger rear and side setbacks to compensate for the height.

The maximum permissible size for a granny flat is 60 sqm. However, larger granny flats are possible in some rural areas and some council areas. Ask your site assessor if this is possible where you intend to have a larger-sized granny flat.

Yes. All the builders you find on our list are obliged to have Construction Risk Insurance policies as licensed builders. However, once turned over to the property owner, it is the property owner’s responsibility to take out the insurance for the granny flat.

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