Granny Flat Builders Geelong

Granny Flat Builders Geelong

Finest Granny Flat Builders Geelong

Here are the lists of Top Finest Granny Flat Builders in Geelong, VIC

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Local Services

Do you need a granny flat that can provide you with a pleasant living space for retirement living at an affordable price? Or are you looking for a perfect design for relocatable homes with a quality custom design made with the highest quality materials to ensure maximum utility of your dream home of a granny flat? You don’t need to go far to look for them. We can find you the best local business, family-owned, and reputed master builders on our site to build you that perfect granny flat for you. They can help you and work closely with you even on public holidays if you need to.

Find the Best Builders of Granny Flats in Geelong

Granny flats are becoming more popular in recent years. Granny flats started as detached units to provide a living space for elderly family members who chose to stay within the same property. Later on, granny flats extend a family home to provide a living space for growing teenagers or older children with small families.

Nowadays, granny flat designs have allowed the evolution of these little structures to take on a broader range of purposes than ever before. These are now multi-functional self-contained dwellings with the same features as a full-sized family home. Quality custom designs even allow granny flats to become transportable homes and serve even more needs anywhere in the country.

Typical granny flats have bedrooms, a bathroom, a fully-functional kitchen, and enough living space to act as a second family home. Granny flats have floor areas ranging between 40 square metres to 60 square metres. Urban council areas allow for bigger floor areas of up to 100 square metres. Because of this reason, granny flats can serve as home offices, B&B units, rental properties, and many others.

Whether you need transportable homes, a quality custom home fit for your retirement living requirements, or a new home that you can build on the same property to serve different purposes for you, then you can find on our site the most qualified granny flat builders in the Geelong can provide.

General Building Work for Granny Flats

Find the most reliable builders in the Geelong and Melbourne area who will work closely with you to ensure your best building services.

These professional builders take great pride to provide high-quality work at affordable prices for:

  • Construction of Granny flats
  • Alternation and modification of old granny flats
  • Renovation, repairs for a granny flat
  • Transportable homes, relocatable homes, and kit homes
  • Protective treatment
General Building Work for Granny Flats PIC

Tremendous Impact of Owners in Building Granny Flats

You may look into opportunities to maximize the value of your property if the black of land you own is big enough to accommodate building a granny flat.

Granny flats started as a small house to serve as a residence for an older relative close to the family home. Aside from being dwellings, these can serve a broad range of purposes. Aside from addressing a societal need to serve as a secondary dwelling for the elderly, it has enough living space to accommodate older children or small families.

Recent granny flat designs have pushed it to evolve to take on more tasks and forms. Their designs make them perfect as transportable homes or relocatable homes. Whether or not the granny flats stay in the property, they can serve the following purpose:

  • It provides extra income as a rental property
  • It is an excellent B&B unit
  • It Boosts the Resale Value of your property
  • It’s a flexible structure
  • It allows for future downsizing
 property owners PIC

Regulation and Demand Grows in Geelong VIC

Suppose land packages are measuring 450 square metres. The maximum floor area for a granny flat you can build there are 60 square metres provided that you satisfy the space requirements with respect to the existing family home. A registered building practitioner you find on our site, which deals with granny flats, can help you satisfy these restrictions. These master builders of granny flats can create a pleasant space and work closely with you to provide a perfect granny flat.

As the Demand Grows, so does the Regulations. PIC

It usually takes 12 to 16 weeks to build a granny flat. However, please allow 8 to 12 more weeks for design and approval on top of the 12 to 16 weeks it takes to construct your granny flat.

No. The Affordable Rental Housing SEPP stipulates that you can only have 1 granny flat on your property.

Yes. However, you need to have larger rear and side setbacks to compensate for the height.

There are four major steps involved when you apply for a loan.

First, you need to apply for pre-approval. Once you have received conditional pre-approval, only then you could start planning your construction.

Choose a builder. Once you’ve chosen a builder, they can help you by putting together a building contract. Your builder will submit your plans to the council to get approval.

Finalise your construction loan: Here is where you submit the necessary documents such as payslips, bank statements, and the building contract to the lender. Construction will commence once the lender sends the commencement letter to you.

Construction work is in stages. Your builder will provide you with an invoice. You forward the invoice to your broker so they can arrange for the builder to be paid.

Final inspection: send the last progress request to the lender so the lender can arrange for a final inspection of the construction project to be completed in accordance with the approved building plan.

It is understood that owners need to be covered from liabilities arising from mishaps that are not their fault. Here are the insurance policies builders are required to take out:

Home Owners Warranty: This is required to cover the homeowner for any project valued at $20,000 or more.

Workers Compensation Insurance: This Insurance covers workers against any injury related to work.

Public Liability Insurance: This Insurance covers third-party liability for anything related to the construction work activities.

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About Geelong, VIC

Geelong is the second-largest city in Victoria, Australia. It’s also a major port at Corio Bay, an extension of Port Phillip Bay. It was founded in 1837. The name derives from the Aboriginal word jillong, which refers to a long-legged water bird. It was officially declared a town in 1838 and made a municipality in 1849. Geelong was depopulated in 1851 by the news of gold strikes. It began to recover after its rail link to Melbourne (1857). It was established as a city in 1910, and it grew quickly after World War II.

Geelong is a centre for education with a large library and an art gallery. It also houses the Naval and Maritime Museum and the National Wool Museum. It is home to the Gordon Institute of Technology (textiles) as well as several private schools, including the Anglican Geelong Grammar School (1857) and Geelong College (1861). In 1974, Deakin University was established. The area’s sheep industry has been greatly improved by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization Laboratories. This city is 40 per cent parkland and is located in the centre of a resort area that includes several coastal towns.