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Granny Flat Builders Melbourne

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Local Service

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Find the Best Builders of Granny Flats in Melbourne

Granny flats are becoming more popular in recent years. Granny flats started as a secondary dwelling to provide a living space for elderly family members. Granny flats have expanded in purpose, being a dependent person’s unit or providing extended family members with their own space while still being close to the primary residence, allowing three generations from the same family in the same property.

Nowadays, improvements in granny flat designs and quality materials have pushed the evolution of granny flats. The typical granny flat contains bedrooms, a bathroom, a fully-functional kitchen, and enough living space for an extended family. Because of these reasons, they can now serve as rental or as B&B units, a home office, or as a place for recreational activities. Relocatable granny flats can also be made from a small granny flat, especially useful as a movable building in a bushfire-prone area.

Typical granny flats have floor areas that range between 40 to 60 square metres. Some rural council areas allow granny flats with floor areas of up to 100 square metres. However, existing local council regulations of the Victorian Government places restrictions if you want to build granny flats. The most qualified builders of Melbourne granny flats you can find on our list can develop the solutions to enable building granny flats that can still follow the regulations and satisfy your preferred granny flat designs. And they can offer these construction services at an affordable price.

General Building Work for Granny Flats

Find the most experienced team of licensed builders in Melbourne who will work closely with you from start to finish to ensure high standards are reached for your construction project. You can find on our site highly-professional and qualified builders who can also construct commercial buildings, full-sized homes, granny flat kits, relocatable granny flats, and homes with I-shaped living areas.

This friendly team of professionals will provide high-quality work at affordable prices for:

  • Construction of granny flats
  • Alteration and modification of old granny flats
  • Renovation, repairs, and augmentation for granny flats
  • Protective treatment
General Building Work for Granny Flats PIC

Benefits of Granny Flats Builders To House Owners

You may look into opportunities to maximize the value of your property if it is big enough to permit building granny flats.

Granny flats are quaint structures that initially served as secondary dwellings to provide elderly family members with their own space. They can also serve as living spaces for an extended family allowing three generations of the same family within shouting distance of the primary residence.

Aside from being secondary dwellings, granny flats have evolved to take on more functions that can bring value to their owners:

  • Granny flats provide extra income as a rental property
  • It Boosts the Resale Value of your Property
  • It’s a flexible structure
  • It allows for future downsizing
Why Building Granny Flats Provide Tremendous Value for Property Owners? PIC

The Growth of Demand impacts Government Requirements in Melbourne

The Victorian government, as well as any state government, have placed restrictions on building granny flats. Suppose you have a 450 square metre block of land. The maximum permissible floor area for a granny flat on the same property as a primary residence is 60 square metres provided that space requirements with respect to the primary residence are respected. The best builders of Melbourne granny flats can find a way to offer solutions to this. They have the local knowledge of the regulation and building techniques to provide you with granny flat designs that can satisfy the regulations and your needs.

As the Demand Grows, so does the Requirements PIC

Frequently Asked Questions

It usually takes 12 to 16 weeks to build a granny flat. However, please allow 8 to 12 more weeks for design and approval on top of the 12 to 16 weeks it takes to construct your granny flat.

No. The Affordable Rental Housing SEPP stipulates that you can only have 1 granny flat on your property.

Yes. However, you need to have larger rear and side setbacks to compensate for the height

  • Do they have a license?
  • Can you ensure me the price will stay the same?
  • Can I see examples of your work?
  • How many homes are you building now?
  • What is the insurance you have during the entire construction period?
  • In the Ballarat region, a Homebuilder’s grant is $15,000 you can put in your savings.
  • If my land is sloping, how much more will that cost me?
  • A sloping land can add high costs to your home building budget.
  • A slope of 3 metres can cost you an additional $50,000.

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