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Removalists St Kilda

Removalists St. Kilda

Our list of top moving companies and furniture removalists in St. Kilda is hand-picked by our team of industry experts.

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St. Kilda has an extensive list of trustworthy removalist firms that offer fantastic service. To help you choose the best office relocation and removalist services professionals, we’ve reviewed the most common positive experiences clients have had with various furniture removalists in St. Kilda.

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You’re assisting the local economy by employing local Melbourne removals firms. You’re helping removalists in St. Kilda, and the neighbouring areas’ skilled local removalists gain employment and new opportunities.

Kilda Beach Office Relocations 

This service is efficient and can be used by small and large businesses. Moving an entire company into new premises would be virtually impossible to do alone, as various items need to be moved such as computers, desks, chairs, files and filing cabinets, and other things. The prices for this service are reasonable, and the companies offering these services often have short notice periods or guaranteed dates for moving.

Kilda Beach Office Relocations 

Piano Removalists in St Kilda East

This service is not very common and can be pretty expensive. The price of this service varies as other services do, but this service will often include moving your piano to a new location – whether inside or outside the house. After completing transportation, this could also involve restoring the piano to its original condition. It can also cost extra for tuning, but this can depend on the company you choose to use.

Piano Removalists in St Kilda East

Removals Storage St Kilda West

This service can be beneficial if you do not want your goods to be moved immediately. You may need to move in a few months and the services offered by this company make it much easier for you. When using this type of removalist, they will store your items for as long as you like and take them out whenever you require them.

Removals Storage St Kilda West

Interstate Removalists St Kilda Beach

Interstate removalists are used to move an entire house from one location to another. This can include packing everything from pots and pans, clothes, furniture and even the lawnmower if it is too heavy for you to carry on your own. This service is not very common as it requires a lot of people.

Interstate Removalists St Kilda Beach

Packing and Valet Unpacking Services

This Melbourne removalists service is top-rated and prepares you for packing your goods. When removing items from the house, some people find it challenging to decide which bubble wrap or box they should use. They will load everything of value for you to not have to worry about anything. The advantage of using this service is that you do not have to worry about how the goods will be packed or insured. There’s removals insurance, and you can be assured of a professional job.

Packing and Valet Unpacking Services

The Dos and Donts of Packing: Tips from Professional Removalists St Kilda West

Remember a few things to make the furniture removal process as smooth as possible when moving to St Kilda East or the surrounding suburbs. Here are some tips from professional St Kilda removalists on the dos and donts of packing:

  • Pack items securely, using plenty of packing material
  • Label boxes clearly
  • Pack heavier items on the bottom of boxes
  • Make a list of what is in each box and any additional fragile information
  • Keep a list of which numbered boxes contain smaller items and use this to assemble your furniture at its new destination
The Dos and Donts of Packing: Tips from Professional Removalists St Kilda West


  • Overpack boxes, as this can make them difficult to lift and move
  • Forget to label boxes, as this can lead to confusion during the move-Leave boxes open or not packed properly
  • Forget about fragile items such as glasses, china and electronics
  • Use boxes that are too small for items
  • Instead of doing it yourself, why not hire professional removalists to help you with the move? You have dozens of choices here at Industry Top 5.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional removalists recommend you pack breakables in bubble wrap and place them into sturdy boxes or corner protectors, so they arrive safely at your new location. Another standard method used by many people is to identify the breakables into plastic bags and then pack them into boxes.
Be sure to use old newspapers or bubble wrap to fill the voids in the box, so they are sturdy for stacking.

If you have more items than boxes, removalists recommend you pack the lighter items first. Fill up the remaining boxes with heavier items when you’ve run out of delicate items.

Moving out of an apartment on short notice may be challenging, but it is possible. The first thing you need to do is contact your landlord and request a forwarding address or new contact details for your landlord. You will need to organise another person to collect your mail during this time, so you don’t miss any essential items such as your final electricity bill.

Removalists offer a packing service if you don’t have time to pack before moving. This is usually more expensive, but it can be convenient under a time crunch.

Using a removalist to move can save you time, money and hassle. Removalists are experienced in packing items so your breakables will be safe and they will arrive in your new home without damage. Removalists will also provide a truck for moving and ensure that you don’t hire more than you need by providing you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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