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Newcastle Removalists can help you with all sorts of moving services at reasonable costs.

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Professional Removalists Newcastle NSW Make a Difference

Professional removalists are people who help you move. They are beneficial because they can do the job for you. They know how to pack things up, so they don’t break and take them to your new home. They can help you if you don’t have a car or truck.

  • Furniture removals services are experienced in packing and moving items safely. They also know how to pack and load your things into the truck. This way everything stays in good condition.
  • Professional furniture removals know where to put items on the truck. They can put heavy things on the bottom and lighter things up higher. Removalists can use unique straps to tie down your furniture to avoid moving around too much.
Professional Removalists Newcastle NSW Make a Difference

  • Furniture removals teams have the necessary equipment to move your items efficiently. They have big trucks to fit a lot of stuff in them.
  • a professional team can help you put your things away at your new home. They can move your furniture and boxes where you want them.
  • Furniture removals professionals are experienced in moving items like boxes, beds, bookcases, couches, tables, chairs, fridges and washing machines. They can help you move your things to your new home.

Here are the kinds of services you can rely on professional removalists for.

Office Removalists
This service is for moving office equipment, computers and other items. Office removalists have large vehicles to fit a lot of stuff in them. They also have tools to help you take apart and reassemble desks, chairs and cubicles.

Here are the kinds of services you can rely on professional removalists for.

Interstate Removals

The interstate removals service you’ll get can depend on where you are moving to. Interstate removalists have large trucks, so they can fit your things in. The advantage of using interstate removalists is that they are experienced in driving long distances.

Packing and Valet Unpacking Services
You can get an unpacking service too. This service is for packing your things up. Sometimes, the company will pack some items and pack the others. It is good to unpack on your own, so you can get everything settled in its place.

Interstate Removals

Local Removalists

If you are moving within the same city, you can get local furniture removals experts. Usually, it’s much cheaper than moving interstate or across town when you move in the same area. You can also get a package to unpack for you and pack your things up at the end of your stay.

Piano Removalists
Piano removalists are specially trained to handle your piano. They have special equipment for this task, so your piano remains intact during the move. The advantage of using piano removalists is that they are experienced in moving pianos.

Local Removalists

Stress-Free Storage Solutions

This service is for storing your things while you are away. You can store other items like furniture, cars and boats too. Sometimes people will store certain things while they live in an apartment or house, then move them again when buying a house. The advantage of using storage removalists is that you don’t have to worry about your things while you go away.

Stress-Free Storage Solutions

About Newcastle, NSW

Newcastle, NSW is located in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia. The city is situated 144 kilometres north-northwest of Sydney and sits on the southern bank of the Hunter River estuary. At the 2016 Census, Newcastle had a population of 166,273.
The city is well serviced by public transport with train stations near Hamilton, Newcastle, and Wickham. Bus services also operate to the Sydney CBD, Charlestown, Warners Bay, and Boolaroo.
Newcastle, NSW is home to many tourist spots and attractions, including the Newcastle Foreshore, Fort Scratchley, and Nobbys Headland.
The best time to visit Newcastle is during the last weekend of September or during October’s long weekend. The Newcastle 500 is held at the nearby street circuit, seeing V8 Supercars racing around the city streets.

About Newcastle, NSW

Frequently Asked Question about Removalists Newcastle, NSW

Moving can be time-consuming and tiring. When you hire removalists in Newcastle, they will take care of everything.

If you want to do it yourself, you are free to do that. However, it is best to sign up for a packing service at an additional charge from your local removals firm.

It depends on how many hours of labour the company offers. Most removalists in Newcastle provide up to 3-4 hours of labour, but some furniture removals companies may charge an additional payment for an extra hour or more depending on the service and time needed.

Prepare all your belongings that need to be moved and place them near the door or outside the house. Keep important documents like tax files and bank statements out of boxes so you can easily access them on moving day.

The time spent by the moving team depends on the distance between your new home in Newcastle, NSW and the location of your old house.

It depends on how far you are located from the removalist company or the storage facilities in New South Wales. On average, it takes around 2 hours or less if the distance is shorter. But an hour more if not too close to your new place.

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