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Finding the right removalist Revesby:

Finding the perfect removalist in Revesby to pack up, transport, deliver and move your furniture and belongings safely from one Revesby suburb to the next can seem like a daunting task for many families.

When it comes to choosing affordable removalists in Revesby, you deserve a professional mover in your Revesby area you can trust to take the best care of you and your family’s belongings, without breaking or losing anything or costing a huge amount of money.

A lot of Revesby families, renters and homeowners struggle to figure out where to start while they are planning to move out of their current home to a neighbouring Revesby suburb or even outside New South Wales and which removalist in Revesby to use.

Many people looking at moving spend a lot of time doing research on various movers in Revesby and checking out their reviews on social media.

But what if there was a business directory where you could find every piece of information on experienced, affordable, professional and trustworthy removalists in Revesby at the click of a button?

Why Industry Top 5

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  • This way searching for experienced removals in Revesby will be less time consuming and you can focus on more important aspects of your impending or upcoming move.
  • You can check the reviews of chosen removalists in Revesby and see if their prices are within your budget.
  • We endeavour to find you quality packers in Revesby and removalists at the right price, saving you time and much-needed money.
  • Our online business directory allows you to compare quotes from a range of removalists in Revesby. We believe all our customers deserve the opportunity to make an informed decision before contacting a removalist in Revesby to help them with their move.
  • Our business directory also provides comprehensive information about the range of removalists, including helpful information such as an address, contact details, website and hours.
  • As well as helpful information about the best removalist services in Revesby to help with your move, we also have plenty of tips to help you with planning your move.

Questions to ask your Revesby removalist before you hire them:

  • Is it a flat fee or will you be charged by the hour?
  • If it’s hourly, does that include driving time from the depot to your property and back, or just packing and unpacking the truck?
  • Is there a call-out rate, and if so how is it charged?
  • Will you be charged more if the move takes longer than expected or access to the property isn’t easy? Will heavy or bulky items or stairs add to the cost?
  • Will your move be subcontracted out? If so, who will be doing the work?

When it comes to hiring a Revesby mover, you should consider the following:

  • Make a detailed room-by-room list of all items you want the removalist to handle and pack and transport any reasonably portable valuables yourself.
  • Insist on a contract that spells out terms and conditions of the move.
  • Before signing off on any job, be sure all your stuff is accounted for after the move.

Removals Storage Revesby:

Many individuals and families who move from one place to another sometimes find it easier to put their items in storage space between moving. Using storage services in Revesby can ensure that your belongings are placed in a safe and secure location so that you don’t lose anything while moving around.

We want to help customers to find an experienced and professional removal service in Revesby that they can trust with moving their belongings, furniture and office equipment out of their home or office.


How much does it cost for furniture removal?

There are multiple factors that contribute to determining the removalist cost. The amount of furniture, distance and is it a local or a long-distance move. Many removalist companies offer a fixed cost for the interstate move while they charge an hourly rate for local moves. The hourly rates range from $80 + GST to 150 + GST for two men and a truck.

Can a removalist provide after hours or weekend removals?

Yes. Many of the removalist companies provide out of hours service.

Will my items be insured whilst being removed?

The majority of the removalists provide transit insurance. Please ask your removalist before booking.

What is backloading?

Backloading is a cost-effective moving option that is generally applied to interstate and long-distance removals. It refers to a load a truck that is returning empty from a long trip. In backloading, customers are essentially sharing space with others on the truck and allow you to take advantage of available space at lower rates.

How do removalists handle precious and delicate items?

A professional removalist company will take extra special care of your treasured and valuable items. When they are packing for you, these items will be wrapped in bubble wrap. Then, the item will be either wrapped in felt blankets or else the movers will place it in a labelled box.

Should You Insure?

We always recommend insuring your goods for the move, especially if you have a home and contents insurance policy. Every policy is different, so make sure you check out what it covers before hiring a removalist.

There are a few types of cover you may be eligible for when it comes to removals, these include specified events insurance, transit insurance and cover for any damage caused by the moving process, including breakage, scratching, denting or chipping.

Some removalists insure themselves against damage to your things. If this is the case, make sure you understand what the removalist covers and doesn’t cover, and in which circumstances the insurance applies. If you pack or unpack yourself and something is damaged, the removalist generally won’t accept liability.

About Revesby, NSW

Revesby is located 22 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district, New South Wales, and is a part of the South-Western Sydney region. Revesby is a peaceful suburb, yet highly accessible area. With the ease of public transport, shopping and a new medical facilities Revesby offers all the city amenities at your doorstep.

You can get all of your grocery and all other shopping needs are taken care of at the main local shopping centre, Revesby Village Centre offers supermarkets and plenty of speciality stores.

Revesby has many parks and recreational facilities and is close to the river which offers many walking/cycle paths.

Families will love the local school options, Revesby Public School, Revesby South Public School, Sir Joseph Banks High School, St Lukes Catholic Primary School, Broderick Gillawarna special needs school and De La Salle College.

You can get all your postage and packaging needs taken care of at the main local post office which can be located at 6/25 Selems Parade.

There is plenty of transport available in Revesby, buses service the area and Revesby railway station is on the Airport & South Line of the Sydney Trains network. Trains reach Sydney Central within 25 minutes.

Moving doesn’t have to be daunting, especially when you have the best removalists in Revesby handy in Industry Top 5.

Ready to find a removalist in Revesby? Simply fill out the free quote form at the bottom of your page and you’ll be paired with experienced and professional removalists in Revesby for your move.

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