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Keeping your electrical systems in your home or business safe, reliable and up to date can be a logistical nightmare.

4/52-62 Newstead Terrace Newstead QLD 4006
(4.7 from 23 Reviews)

JTC ELECTRIC is a Family owned Business providing a range of professional domestic, industrial and commercial electrical and air conditioning services.

1 Mirram St, Boondall QLD 4034
(4.9 from 24 Reviews)

Lit Up Electrical Pty Ltd is an experienced electrical contractor servicing Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

10 Crosby Road, Albion, QLD 4010
(4.6 from 21 Reviews)

If you want top quality electrical work done by a local long established family business then look no further.

PO Box 5118 Brendale QLD 4500
(4.8 from 23 Reviews)

Our good reputation has been achieved throughout the years by delivering fast, high quality work at reasonable rates.

Capalaba Queensland 4157
(4.8 from 22 Reviews)

RL Electrical Contractors are fully insured and our electricians are licensed.

48 Oriole St, Griffin QLD 4503, Australia
(4.8 from 23 Reviews)

Allyn started his electrical apprenticeship in Brisbane with ‘Dickson, Dowding and Mills’ and worked across Queensland in the electrical engineering field in maintenance of mining equipment.

Allyn White Electrical 52 Lizzie St, Bardon QLD 4065
(4.9 from 24 Reviews)

Lumin8 Electrical has over 10 years of experience in this residential, commercial and industrial industries.

Morayfield, 4506 QLD
(4.8 from 22 Reviews)

Just-In Time Electrical is your local leading electrical contractor based in Brisbane’s western suburbs.

71 Bellwood St, Darra QLD 4076
(4.7 from 22 Reviews)

Keep you and your loved ones safe with smoke alarms professionally installed by licensed electricians.

Unit 2/75 Flinders Parade, North Lakes QLD 4508
(4.9 from 24 Reviews)

Spectrum Electrical & Data is an Australian owned company specializing in all electrical work for the home, office and work place.

4 Lindsay Ct, Cornubia QLD 4130, Australia
(4.7 from 22 Reviews)

Established more than a decade ago and with more than 20 years industry experience, JTB Electrical is a premier electrical service in Brisbane’s western and centenary suburbs.

Mount Ommaney Queensland 4074
(4.9 from 24 Reviews)

Leolec Electrical Services was founded by licenced electrical contractor Chris O’Brien to provide high quality electrical services to residential and commercial properties in Brisbane.

Narangba QLD 4504
(4.8 from 23 Reviews)

We’ve built a solid reputation for being amongst the safest, most reliable and cost effective electrical companies in Brisbane.

Unit 5/18 Prospect Place Berrinba QLD 4117
(4.7 from 21 Reviews)

Situated in Central Brisbane, SJK Collective is a locally owned and operated company with more than 8 years of combined experience in the industry.

1/36 Pradella St, Darra QLD 4076
(4.8 from 21 Reviews)

Scholz Electrical was established in 1970. We have always strived to be one of the respected industry leaders by providing high quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

1/32 Sumners Rd, Sumner Park Brisbane, Queensland 4074
(4.8 from 21 Reviews)

Matt Devitt Electrical services clients throughout Brisbane and has satisfied customers in northern, southern, eastern and western suburbs.

15 Grove Street Red Hill Qld 4059
(4.7 from 21 Reviews)

Carrying out this type of residential electrical work by yourself can be dangerous.

32 Samuel St, Camp Hill QLD 4152
(4.6 from 23 Reviews)

Bevan Robinson Electrical show up on time, every time, so you can get on with your day.

Stannard Rd Manly West QLD 4179
(4.7 from 22 Reviews)

Brisbane Electrical is a mid sized multi service Electrical Contracting Company specialising in Commercial and Industrial contract and maintenance services and Switchboard Manufacture.

11 Pronger Parade, Glanmire, QLD, 4570
(4.6 from 23 Reviews)

At DB Electrical, we’re proud to say that we’ve been serving Brisbane Northern Suburbs for over 35 years, providing high-quality electrical services across all sectors.

Unit 1 14 Johnstone Rd Brendale, QLD 4500
(4.7 from 21 Reviews)

We understand that when you deal with a tradesperson – be it an air conditioning technician or licenced electrician – you need a fast, professional and helpful response.

Unit 1, 29 Neumann Road, Capalaba Brisbane Qld 4157
(4.7 from 21 Reviews)

Barry’s Electrical Contracting is a family business that has been operating locally in Brisbane since 1989.

Brisbane Queensland 4055
(4.9 from 21 Reviews)

Nathan has over 20yrs experience working in the electrical industry. Starting as an apprentice in 1995, his working career has covered all areas of domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations and repairs.

PO BOX 3118, Norman Park 4170
(4.8 from 23 Reviews)

Platinum Electrical & Air specialises in the design and installation of a variety of electrical systems for residential, commercial, and government properties, and is committed to providing you with the most reliable and efficient electrical solution.

216 South Pine Road, Enoggera QLD 4051
(4.9 from 23 Reviews)

Hewitt Trade Services started out in 2002 and began operating as Electrical and Air Conditioning contractors across Brisbane.

52 Zillmere Rd, Boondall, QLD, 4034
(4.7 from 24 Reviews)

Decades of Electrical Services Industry experience ensure that Voltfix has the knowledge to provide Quality Technical business solutions.

30 McKechnie Drive Eight Mile Plains Brisbane QLD 4113
(4.8 from 22 Reviews)

Speedy Electrical has been in the electrical business for over 30 years. Our electricians are highly trained, well-respected, and licensed.

Cashmere, Queensland 4500
(4.7 from 24 Reviews)

Kristine and Dylan Dawson started Dawson Electric on July 18th, 2007. This also happens to be the day their first child was born! In the beginning, it was just the two of them.

Coorparoo, QLD, 4151
(4.8 from 21 Reviews)

From a blown fuse and faulty wiring to major electrical contracting, we are the obvious choice for homes and businesses across Queensland.

9 Hungerford Street, Northgate QLD 4013
(4.8 from 21 Reviews)

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We believe that high customer satisfaction ratings can help our customers make a solid decision quickly. Our curated list of the most dependable Ipswich electricians is based on customer ratings to ensure that any choice you make on our site has the support of satisfied customers. Combined with all the relevant information you need such as quotes and contact information, you will always have a solid decision within minutes when you use our site.

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Find The Best Local Electricians in Ipswich QLD

Are you looking for a local reliable electrician that can provide reliable service for your air conditioners, solar panels, and any electrical needs? Do you require a professional job and high-quality workmanship from a licensed electrician for your residential or commercial electrical requirements? Industry Top 5 can help you get the most fully qualified electricians in close proximity to your location.

Get Electrical Services in Ipswich QLD

Are you looking for reliable help for your electrical needs when you need it? The urgent need to address an electrical fault does not choose a schedule, nor does it have a holiday. Industry Top 5 knows this, and we are all about addressing this need for our customers. Reaching out to trusted electrical contractors has never been easier.

These electrical contractors can provide high-quality workmanship to address any electrical faults whenever you need them.

Industry Top 5 are experts in the industry. We made it easier for our customers to reach out to get the most trusted electrician Ipswich has available. With just a few simple steps, you can have an informed decision within minutes to ensure you can choose an electrician you can rely on. All you have to do is fill out the contact form, and the top electricians in Ipswich will send you their obligation-free quotes and reach out to you as soon as possible.

Emergency Electrician in Ipswich QLD

Be prepared for any situation by having reliable electrical contractors ready to take your call. Electrical mishaps can happen when you least expect it and having a trusted electrician Ipswich has available can prove handy. You can protect the value of your business by preventing lengthy downtimes with their help. And, Industry Top 5 can bring you closer to them. These emergency electricians can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have high-quality support nearby 24/7.

Residential Electricians in Ipswich

These professional electricians can address all electrical work for your home. They can also do regular electrical inspection and maintenance to ensure the safety of your electrical system. Their normal duties cover air conditioning, lighting, safety switch, power points, hot water systems, and home automation. If you are looking for electricians who can help you power up the latest devices for your home, then you have these trusted electricians to help you. They can also do cabling work for telephone, intercom, and data systems. Best of all, you can call on them to help you install safety and security devices to add another level of security for your home.

Commercial Electrical Services in Ipswich QLD

These professional electricians can cover electrical needs for commercial applications. Their duties cover a vast range of services that include lighting, air conditioning, wiring, power points, installation of TV and viewing systems, and security and safety devices. You can also call them to do regular electrical inspection and maintenance checks.

Whether your establishment is a store, a mall, a school, or an entire building, you can rely on these trusted electricians to deliver the electrical services that you need.

Electricians in Brisbane

Electrical Preventive Maintenance in Ipswich QLD

The occurrence of electrical mishaps is a considerable inconvenience. Electrical issues you overlook can cost your business a lot of money due to the productive time lost.

Worse, if a fire results from compromised circuits, the resulting damage will be devastating. However, you can arrange to do regular inspection and maintenance of your electrical systems. You can call on the help of an electrician in Ipswich to do this job for you and make repairs if necessary. Their service coverage includes power points, lighting, air conditioners, meter boxes, switches, emergency and security systems, and connection to the electrical mains.

Installation of Safety Switches in Ipswich QLD

Compromised electrical circuits can, in one moment, cause severe injury and even death.  Inexpensive devices such as a safety switch can prevent most of these cases. However, you need an electrician who can install these devices to ensure the safety of your household or your workmates. They can make sure these devices can function correctly and as designed.

Smoke Alarm Installation for Ipswich QLD

You can add a layer of protection to your home or business by installing smoke alarms.  Smoke alarms can buy time for emergency services to suppress the fire. PAn Ipswich electrician can help you install these devices and make these devices work properly. Best of all, they can help point you to locations where these devices can be most effective.

Security Systems in Ipswich QLD

Security systems are helpful to protect your homes or businesses from unlawful entry thereby providing a layer of protection for you and your property. These security systems include CCTV, access control, intruder alarms, and intercoms. A licensed electrician is trained in installing these devices and can ensure that these function as designed for a long time.

Level 2 Electricians in Ipswich QLD

Level 2 Electricians possess additional technical and safety training and the license to operate under conditions not permitted for regular electricians. Level 2 electricians can cover the duties of regular electricians. However, they can also work with electrical circuits with very high electrical loads such as overhead and underground electrical mains. If you need work on direct connections to electrical mains, then it’s Level 2 electricians you need to call. They can also handle duties that involve machinery and electrical systems that require substantial electrical loads, such as significant manufacturing machinery, more extensive air conditioning systems, or supporting substantial construction work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Master electricians are professionals trained to deliver safe, reliable, and high-quality service all the time. These professionals undergo constant training to ensure that they are the best in their trade.

Please don’t. Leave these jobs to electricians. In Queensland, for instance, it is illegal for anyone to do any domestic wiring or house rewiring unless you are a qualified electrician. We have so many death cases through electrical shocks, so it is better to leave these tasks to qualified professionals.

During normal operations, the current flowing to an appliance goes back through a neutral wire. However, if something should happen to a circuit, the electricity can leak to the ground through a person touching the appliance. And that could lead to serious injury, even death. A safety switch detects the loss of power from the circuit and cuts the electricity supply in 0.003 seconds. This time is enough to let as few electrical currents run into a person’s body to prevent injury.

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About Ipswich

Ipswich is a fast-growing suburb located 40 kilometres west of the Brisbane CBD. Ipswich’s local government area has a population of 232,000 residents and is projected to grow to 435,000 residents by 2031. Two major housing developments particularly in Springfield and Ripley will be central to its population growth.

Ipswich began as a mining settlement in 1827 and has preserved its heritage with more than 6000 heritage-listed sites and over 500 parks all over the city. The city is still a major mining centre, particularly for coal mining. The region is also a centre of manufacturing in the area, with more than 14% of its workforce engaged in manufacturing jobs (compared to less than 8% for the rest of the state). The region also has rich agricultural areas. Aside from its heritage site, and its 500 parks, there are many notable attractions in the local area. The Queensland Pioneer Steam railway builds on the area’s mining heritage, while the area surrounding Mount Goolman is an excellent hiking spot. For kids, there is the Ipswich Nature Centre where kids can get closer to endemic fauna.