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Need Professional house Painters ? For quality guaranteed House Painting services call today on 0450 187 377 for a free onsite painting quote in Dandenong.

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(4.9 from 30 Reviews)

The Paint Deco Company is a leading provider of professional residential painting and for all types of properties in Melbourne, including new and heritage homes.

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(4.9 from 29 Reviews)

We at Sunrise Pro painting And Decorating proudly assert that right from our commencement the journey has been memorable and noteworthy.

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(4.8 from 25 Reviews)

Quinn’s Painting & Decorating is servicing all Western & Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. We provide our services to Sunbury, Western and Northern suburbs Melbourne.

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(4.6 from 20 Reviews)

Welcome to Yes Painting & Decorating! We are a company that provides high-quality interior and exterior painting services at the best prices on the market.

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(4.5 from 20 Reviews)

With over 23 years of experience, KONNSTRUCT has a commitment to excellence in all things interior lining. We specialise in painting and plastering.

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(4.3 from 13 Reviews)

Amazing Painting Services has been serving the people of Melbourne since 2010. We have an extensive portfolio of work ranging from your everyday residential homes to a heritage church and even large industrial factories full of hazardous chemicals.

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(4.6 from 20 Reviews)

With more than 70 years of experience backing us, Higgins Coatings is Australia’s go-to provider for commercial painting and maintenance needs across a broad range of industries.

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(4.7 from 19 Reviews)

Mcintosh Painters offers a top-quality finish, backed by personalised service, workmanship and a high level of professionalism.

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(4.4 from 14 Reviews)

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Ease of Use

We made the selection process for the top Geelong painter simpler. We also made the selection process more straightforward. With just a few simple steps, you can get in touch with the most trusted painters in Geelong. Just fill out the contact form, and the leading painters in Geelong will send you their obligation-free quotes and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Real Customer Reviews

Knowing how previous customers feel about a business is a crucial determinant for choosing a company that you can count on. We use that essential piece of information to formulate the narrowed list of the most reliable local painters Geelong has available. Indeed, you can’t lose with choosing a trusted painter in Geelong that you decide on our site.

Comprehensive Information

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Local Service

If you seek quality painting service delivered by trusted local painters in Geelong, you just check them out on Industry Top 5’s site. We believe that you can get the most value from the reliable, professional painters you will find on our site. Not only can they save you cost because of travel expenses, but they can also get to you quickly. Moreover, they know the peculiarities of your market.

Are you looking for a friendly and professional team of experienced local painters who can quickly deliver quality painting service? With hundreds of painters looking to catch your attention, isn’t it daunting to find a painter who can satisfy your requirements? Don’t worry! Industry Top 5 is here to help. We make your selection process to find the most trusted painters in Geelong who can deliver that quality painting service for commercial or residential needs.

Industry Top 5 researched hundreds of painters throughout Australia to provide you with a curated list of the most trusted painters in Geelong. This process ensures that you can select only the professional painters you can count on. We also made it easy to select them. Just fill out the contact form, and the top painters in Geelong will send you their obligation-free quotes and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Painting Job for All Sizes

You don’t need to worry about your painting job being turned down because you think it is too small for professional painters. These experienced professional painters you will find on our site can take on any painting job regardless of its scale and complexity. If it is just a single wall in your home or a painting job for an entire commercial building, you can rely on these professional local painters to do the painting job for you.

Types of Painting Available

These experienced painting professionals can take on any painting job for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. These services include:

  • House Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Strata Painting
  • Interior Painting – for walls, ceiling, concrete and timber floors, doors, stairs, and many more
  • Exterior Painting – for eves, roof, walls, window frames, and many more
  • Industrial Painting
  • Painting Services for newly constructed buildings
  • Restoration Work
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Repaints and Renovations
  • And Many More!

If you have a specific painting job not included in the enumeration above, don’t worry!

These experienced painting professionals in Geelong can sit with you to discuss how your next painting job will proceed.

Commercial Painters in Doncaster

If you are looking to add value to your commercial space through quality painting service, then the most reliable commercial painters in Geelong are ready to help you. Let Industry Top 5 lead you to the most reliable commercial painters in Geelong who will work with you every step of the way from a selection of paint colours, textures, and feel that can fit your business. These experienced professional painters in Geelong can also work around your business schedule so you won’t have to worry about downtimes while they complete their paint job.

Doncaster Painters and Decorators

If you want your house to stand out or to bring your vision for your business to life, then let us present you with the most reliable painters and decorators in Geelong to help you.

These professional painting and decorating professionals have a keen eye for style so that they can transform your business to the satisfaction of their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contracts are documentation of a clear understanding between you and the painter. A contract should therefore be standard practice. This document also bears the condition/s of your agreement.

Please compile a written list of the items you are not satisfied with. Based on the written list, you may need to discuss this in detail with the painter, providing consideration and completion opportunities.

If you disagree with their recommended action, you need to elevate the matter to the Master Painters Association.

The need to paint exterior surfaces varies greatly depending on the environment and weather conditions of the area where the structure is. As a general rule of thumb, expect to do a repainting job in the order of five to seven years for exterior surfaces.

Post painting maintenance requires regular dust and alkaline removal with a damp cloth. Note: don’t use detergents in the first month.

For broad exterior surfaces, you may need to use light pressure washing.

You will need to inspect the area around the property thoroughly before the painters arrive. It will be helpful to move any items that are leaning against or located very close to your building, such as tools, lawn furniture, woodpiles, bins, potted plants.

Moving these items will allow the painters to ensure that they can do their job without hassles. It is helpful to have trees, plants, and flowers covered to protect them from paint splatters. If you have branches touching the area for painting, it is best to have these trimmed out.

It is helpful to have moving work included in your terms with the painter. But if you don’t, you may need to do some preparation work before they arrive. Start with all the items on the wall, such as grandfather clocks, picture frames, nails that stick out, and others. Heavy furniture can’t be moved out of the house in most cases. The common practice is to place all of these in the middle of the room and cover them with clear plastic. Cover the floors with drop sheets and tape skirting boards to prevent paint drips.

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