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We curated a list of domestic and commercial painting contractors in Brisbane

Why Choose Industry Top 5?

Are you looking for quality workmanship for the painting job you require to bring out the most value from your commercial or private space? Are you looking for the most trusted painters Brisbane has on offer to deliver a high-quality painting job at the quickest possible time at an affordable cost? Don’t worry! Industry Top 5 is here to help you.

Save Time, Effort, and Money

Isn’t it convenient if you can get the services of the most trusted painters Brisbane has to offer at the quickest possible time? Our site allows you to make this task more accessible by providing a narrowed list of the finest painters in Brisbane. Combined with the ease of getting all the relevant information you need, you can save on time, effort, and money.

We are Free

We believe that convenience brought to our customers does not need to cost much. In fact, we deliver our services to you for FREE! Imagine getting in touch with the most highly-rated painters Brisbane has available with just a few simple steps.

Ease of Use

Not only do we make your selection process for the most trusted painters in Brisbane more straightforward, but we also make it easier on our site. You can choose the most dependable professional painters Brisbane has on offer in a few simple steps. Just fill out the contact form and the most reliable painters in Brisbane will send you their obligation-free quotes and contact you as soon as possible.

Real Customer Reviews

We researched hundreds of master painters Australia has available to bring you a curated list of the most dependable local painters. The narrowed list is based on genuine customer feedback. This crucial piece of information can ensure that you can only get a choice of the most trusted painters Brisbane has available.

Comprehensive Information

Industry Top 5 are experts in the industry. We know what our customers need. We did the hard work of researching hundreds of professionals in Australia to ensure that you won’t lose with your choice of the finest painters in Brisbane available. Combined with the ease of getting relevant information on our site, you can surely make an informed decision quickly.

Local Service

You can get the most value from your choice of a professional painter if you can have one near you. Their proximity and knowledge of the local area can help you save on cost, and they can also help you save on time. Our narrowed list provides you with the best local professional painters available.

Are you looking to bring out the most value for your commercial space through excellent painting work from a trusted painter in Brisbane? Do you want to bring life to your house through a sterling painting job from reliable painters in Brisbane? Don’t worry! Industry Top 5 can get you the finest professional painters in Brisbane who can deliver high-quality workmanship for your painting needs.

Industry Top 5 are experts in the industry. We researched hundreds of master painters in Australia to provide you with a narrowed list of the top professional painters in Brisbane. You can reach them with just a few simple steps on our site.

Just fill out the contact form, and these professional painters will send you their obligation-free quotes and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Painting Job for all Sizes

You can rely on these professional painters to deliver the job you require regardless of scale and complexity. You don’t need to worry if your requirements are small. Whether for a single wall for your home or an entire building, these professional painters will take on the painting project you desire.

Types of Painting Services Available

These professional Brisbane painters can cover painting services to satisfy private or commercial demands. Their vast range of services include:

  • House Painting
  • Office Painting
  • Strata Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Interior Painting – walls, ceilings, concrete and timber floors, doors, stairs, and many more
  • Exterior Painting – eves, walls, window frames, roofs, and many more
  • Industrial Painting
  • Residential Painting
  • Newly Constructed Buildings
  • Restoration Work
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Repaints and Renovations
  • And Many More!

If you are looking for specific painting services from these professional painters in Brisbane, you can rely on them to deliver your demands.

Fully Qualified and Insured Painters

You can be sure to select fully insured and certified professional painters in our narrowed list on our site. These professional painters have years of practical experience and long lists of satisfied clients. These fine painters in Brisbane can assure you of top-class quality workmanship for any painting jobs you ask from them.

Doing a painting job yourself has its risk. You are exposed to toxic chemicals and can be prone to injury. Moreover, if you require an excellent result done safely, you will need to rely on professional painters to do the job for you. Whether a private or commercial space, they can bring the most value of your time and money when you hire them.

Commercial Painters in Brisbane

Are you looking to add more value to your commercial space through excellent painting work? Are you seeking to have quick turnaround times for your business despite having a painting job in place? Don’t worry. Industry Top 5 can bring you the top commercial painters in Brisbane who can deliver high-quality workmanship for your tenants or your clients’ satisfaction. These professional painters will work with you every step of the way, from selecting colors, surface textures, and feel to fit the type of business or the room’s purpose. If you are concerned with pausing operations during the duration of the painting job, then there is no need to worry. These professional painters will coordinate closely with you to work around your business schedule.

Brisbane Painters and Decorators

If you want your house to stand out or your commercial space to have more value through a sterling painting job, then you don’t need to look further than our site to look for the most trusted Brisbane painters and decorators. They have a keen eye for detail to bring the most out of the walls, ceilings, or your rooms to optimize the purpose you intend for them. Whether it is a heritage building, your own home, or a commercial building, you can count on these professional painters and decorators to bring out the style suited to your desires.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, the painter must possess a license and be a member of the Master Painters Association.

You may need to confirm their license details.

Contracts are documentation of a clear understanding between you and the painter. A contract should therefore be standard practice. This document also bears the condition/s of your agreement.

Please compile a written list of the items you are not satisfied with. Based on the written list, you may need to discuss this in detail with the painter, providing consideration and completion opportunities.

If you disagree with their recommended action, you need to elevate the matter to the Master Painters Association.

The need to paint exterior surfaces varies greatly depending on the environment and weather conditions of the area where the structure is. As a general rule of thumb, expect to do a repainting job in the order of five to seven years for exterior surfaces.

You will need to inspect the area around the property thoroughly before the painters arrive. It will be helpful to move any items that are leaning against or located very close to your building, such as tools, lawn furniture, woodpiles, bins, potted plants.

Moving these items will allow the painters to ensure that they can do their job without hassles. It is helpful to have trees, plants, and flowers covered to protect them from paint splatters. If you have branches touching the area for painting, it is best to have these trimmed out.

It is helpful to have moving work included in your terms with the painter. But if you don’t, you may need to do some preparation work before they arrive. Start with all the items on the wall, such as grandfather clocks, picture frames, nails that stick out, and others. Heavy furniture can’t be moved out of the house in most cases. The common practice is to place all of these in the middle of the room and cover them with clear plastic. Cover the floors with drop sheets and tape skirting boards to prevent paint drips.

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