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Best Possum Removal Brisbane has been in the pest control business for decades. We have complete pest control team working with us in brings best Possum control services.

288 Edward St, Brisbane City
(4.9 from 20 Reviews)
For pest control services, our experienced team is totally capable and well qualified. We have the greatest pest control teams.

If you’re looking for professional pest treatment in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Come to Ace Pest Control for all of your pest control needs. For pest control services, our experienced team is totally capable and well qualified. We have the greatest pest control teams. Our Other Services:- Pest Control Brisbane, Pest Infestation, Affordable Pest Control, Domestic Pests Elimination Service, Expert Residential Pest Control, Commercial Pest Removal, End of Lease Pest Treatment Services, etc. Call 0485 865 334 for further information. We provide same-day pest control treatments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

44/204 Alice Street, Brisbane
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With Queensland the pest control capital of the world, most homeowners prefer a once a year general pest treatment to keep the creepy crawlies at bay. With most people worried about cockroaches, ants and spiders, a pest spray to kill any insects present and provide lasting protection allows you to make your home a safe and relaxing environment.

11 Daughtrey St, Thornlands, Wynnum, QLD 4164, Australia
(4.9 from 20 Reviews)

Slug a Bug is a Family operated Pest Control business serving happy Queensland customers across Brisbane and the Gold Coast with over 40 years of combined experience in exterminating pests and termites.

Wynnum, QLD 4178 Australia
(4.8 from 25 Reviews)

With over 18-years experience in the industry, Founder and Director Oswald Niksch (Ossie) established The Pest Bully in 2008. Ossie individually trains each technician at The Pest Bully to a high industry standard, so you can expect a top range service from our pest controllers every single time.

From rural homes to commercial businesses, we service a range of clients in and around the South East Queensland region. With the help of a Pest Bully professional, you can rest assured your space is well treated and protected to keep you and those around you healthy and safe from pests.

Shop 25/120-124 Birkdale Rd, Birkdale, Wynnum, QLD 4159, Australia
(4.9 from 20 Reviews)

Critters Pest Management is a family business and we offer full service, professional termite and pest management solutions.  We keep up to date with all the latest equipment, products and techniques so you know you’re getting the best pest treatment possible.

20 Emerald St, Alexandra Hills, Wynnum, QLD 4161, Australia
(5 from 22 Reviews)

Here in Brisbane we enjoy the lifestyle that living in the sub tropic offers but with the great weather conditions means that we share our home with more bugs than most other regions in Australia.  This includes large cockroaches, spiders, and plenty of ants ready to swarm on any food scraps.  These bugs which we label as pests all have a purpose in our environment. Spiders eat the bitey insects, the ants help clean up dead insects and believe it or not the cockroaches are important for our gardens.

169 Rickertt Rd, Ransome, Wynnum, QLD 4154, Australia
(4.9 from 21 Reviews)

Mason Pest Control, located in Brisbane’s Redland area, is a family business that operates under the guidance of traditional family values. With a strong knowledge of the local area, and 20 years experience in pest management, Mason Pest Control can be trusted to care for your family home.

162 Molle Rd, Ransome, Wynnum, QLD 4154, Australia
(5 from 22 Reviews)

Do creepy crawlies keep you up at night? Have a commercial property in need of carpet cleaning? Moving out of a rental with pets and need flea and carpet treatments? Noble services can help.

As a client, you’re much more than just a number. We provide professional quality carpet cleaning and pest control for both commercial and residential clients with a personal touch. Working together, we make it simple and easy to get the job done. From quick turnaround emergencies to outside office hours home visits, we take the extra effort to ensure everything goes smoothly with minimal interruption.

Wynnum, QLD 4178 Australia
(5 from 20 Reviews)

Here at Axis, we are proud to say we have been locally owned and have operated in the Redlands for over 15 years. Our fully trained professional team complies with all the current legislative standards. We are committed to high-quality and safe results. We pride ourselves on our personalized and prompt service to our customers.

Wynnum, QLD 4178 Australia
(4.9 from 20 Reviews)

Tom’s Pest Control Brisbane is a leader of the pest control services sector of Australia. Our commitment to providing permanent solutions and our focus on service and quality allows us to dominate the industry with superior service standards.

8/39 Horsington St, Morningside, Wynnum, QLD 4170, Australia
(5 from 22 Reviews)

If so, DO NOT DISTURB them and call Aussie Allpest and we’ll guide you on what to do. Don’t think you have termites but you are worried about termites? Or you know someone who is concerned about the possibilities of termites invading the home or workplace? Aussie Allpest encourage annual termite inspections in accordance with Australian Standards (see below). Aussie Allpest has the resources and experience to assist with all your termite problems and you may also qualify for a specialised termite insurance for your property after installing one of our cost effective full termite prevention systems.

Wynnum, QLD 4178 Australia
(4.9 from 20 Reviews)

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Local Service

The best-placed pest control service that can help you with timely pest management in Brisbane is the local pest technician. Whether you require termite treatment or have problems with bed bugs, cockroaches, snakes, rats, or other vermin, these professional pest controllers in  Brisbane services know what to do. They can come to your aid quickly to inspect buildings and pests before implementing effective pest treatment methods to make your residential or commercial property pest-free. Is it also for information on snakes’ pest control costs? They can also help you with that.

Are you starting to detect termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, snakes, or rates on your residential or commercial property lately? Don’t ignore these tell-tale signs. These might indicate a bigger pest problem lurking underneath the surface. Using the internet or leafing through several pages on your Yellow Pages will take time. This way, taking down information will lose valuable time while your pest problem goes unabated. Don’t worry! This is when Industry Top 5 can help! We provide our customers with a simplified process of selecting the most reliable pest control Brisbane professionals who can solve your pest problem quickly. With just a few simple steps, you can reach out and get quotes from the leading Brisbane pest control professionals. You can compare notes and decide on your most trusted Brisbane pest control expert within minutes! Best of all, you can enjoy the privilege of enjoying the product of our hard work. Our curated list of the most reliable Brisbane pest control professionals can be gleaned in a glance containing a wealth of information you need to make your move quickly.

Why Use a Pest Controller?

These licensed professionals can implement effective pest management techniques because of their training and experience in dealing scientifically with different pests. These professionals must pass a TAFE-standard course on pest identification, breeding habits, and biology. They have appropriate training in the latest pest management techniques to ensure that their pest treatment methods can be safe for your family, pets, and the environment, yet they can effectively solve your pest problem.

These licensed professionals will do a thorough building and pest inspection once they arrive on your property. They will consider all environmental factors that affect your pest problem. They will determine where the pests breed, point out their entry points, and make the necessary assessments. They will then execute effective pest management techniques using the appropriate pest treatment to eliminate and keep the pests for a long time.

Termite Control

Termites cause more damage to Australian homes than storms and fires combined. That is why it is urgent to have a regular termite inspection, at least annually. If your area is high-risk, you need to conduct a termite inspection more frequently. The pest control

Brisbane professionals we provide on our site can take the appropriate termite treatment to eliminate this problem and keep the termites out for a long time.

Commercial Pest Control

Pest problems could cost your business a lot of money if you leave it unabated. Your business establishment may require termite treatment, rat elimination, or timely pest treatment, whether a school, a pub, a restaurant, a warehouse, a hospital, or a factory. Industry Top 5 provides you with a narrowed list containing the most dependable commercial pest control services in Brisbane that know how to do pest management for your commercial establishment. They know the specifics of pest identification breeding habits and can deploy the appropriate pest treatment to eliminate these pests and keep your business pest-free for a long time. Best of all, they can ensure that your business doesn’t lose too much valuable time while these professionals complete their pest management duties.

Cockroach Pest Control

Australia contains several species of cockroaches. Each of these species of cockroaches requires different pest management techniques. These pest control Brisbane experts know how to deal with all of these species. Here are just some of the cockroach species they can eliminate:

  • American Cockroaches
  • German Cockroaches
  • Brown-banded Cockroaches
  • Australian Cockroaches
  • Oriental Cockroaches
  • Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Just leave your place as it is. Pests such as termites and cockroaches, for example, have evolved over the years. So has the methods. These methods are effective even if the site for treatment has no preparation at all.

Generally, it would help if you had your house checked for pest infestation yearly to minimize pest infestation from developing. However, depending on the types of pest and environment your home is in, the frequency of checking for pest infestation needs to be more frequent.

The chemicals will be effective for days after treatment and eliminate pest infestation after several days. For example, in the case of cockroaches, expect a few to move about after treatment but will soon die out.

Studies show that over 34,000 homes incur termite-related damage costing around $10,000 each year in Australia.

Nowadays, the improvement in the adhesion of chemicals increases the chance of long-term pest prevention. Depending on the location, pest control chemicals are effective for at least 30 days and can last 90 days.

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