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Pro Asbestos Removal Perth

Since Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral mostly used in building,

Since Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral mostly used in building, we might not know the homes we are living in might harbor this dangerous mineral. Before we realize, our health is deteriorating through possible inhalation. To help deal with with this problem, Pro Asbestos Removal Perth has gone all the way to provide you quality inspection, testing and removal services to keep your home healthy and hazard free. We offer comprehensive and safe Asbestos removal services to both commercial and residential properties at relatively competitive prices. It’s a dangerous and complicated process, however our highly trained team of professional technicians who are qualified and certified in Asbestos removal make that possible.

-Fast and reliable.
-Highly trained team of professional technicians.
-Use of advanced methods and techniques which are safe to remove, inspect and test for Asbestos.
-Licensed Asbestos operators.
-NATA Accredited Partners.
-No Obligation Fast Quotes.
-Excellent customer support and free advice.

-Asbestos testing and inspection.
This is done when you suspect the use of a product containing the mineral in renovation or building. The aim is to rule out whether or not your building has asbestos-containing materials.

-Asbestos removal.
We remove all types of asbestos products including cement, sprayed insulation, insulation boards and pipe insulation. It can also be done in interior ceilings, kitchens and bathrooms, flooring, shops, warehouses, factories, internal and external walls.

-Asbestos Disposal
This can include disposal of all Asbestos contaminated materials in waste disposal sites [licensed and in accordance with safety regulation], and decontamination of all work areas offering you an Asbestos clearance report.

-Asbestos site demolition
Highly contaminated buildings which may be unfit for human safety are demolished in respect with owners permission and proper regulations followed to help rebuild a new site which is hazard free and safe for people to live or work.

Our service locations include;
-Perth CBD and Inner Suburb
-Perth North and South.
-East and West Suburbs

For excellent Asbestos removal services, call our team of experts today and enjoy a hazard free home for the rest of your life!

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Pro Asbestos Removal Perth