Backyard Cleanup
Andrew Johnson Melbourne, Melbourne
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Backyard Cleanup

The backyard is the pride of many a homeowner in Melbourne. If you’re like most of our customers, you spend a lot of time on making it look nice for you and your family. You’ve probably spent more than a few weekends on mowing the lawn, pruning shrubs, hedges, and trees, trimming flowers and other plants… all in an effort to make it look more appealing.

And the work pays off… but it leaves a lot of rubbish!
Sure, you can rake the leaves and lawn trimmings together to use for composting. You might even be able to fit the remaining organic waste into the green recycling bins for collection.

We love recycling too!
But we also know that for more large-scale projects, such as a complete overhaul of your backyard, these solutions simply won’t cut it. These kinds of projects often produce rubbish that can’t be turned into compost or deposited into the green bins.

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Backyard Cleanup